Sunday, December 22, 2013

I travel sebab I mampu~

A friend of  mine once asked me,when i say i want to travel around the world...

"What is the benefit of doing that?"

"Ya la..dapat tengok budaya orang lain..cara hidup dorang..." I answered.

"I don't understand why people want to have a look at building,monument,dance..etc..and they think they can understand the culture of other people...most importantly...what can it brings to you??"

That long,sort of cruel or better call it sarcastic comment, have me give a deep change my perception why i want to travel...i get her point. 

Being at somewhere else that isn't my place or literally on travel,trip,visit,vacation...should give me something different or not to mention some similarity to enjoy with.

So far, the most further i went was Indonesia =P and west Malaysia, regularly. So, nothing to be proud on that...but hey...i got my new perception about travel. Its not about which country I go but what have I learned during the trip and how it can helps me positively in life like change the way of thinking and behave,perhaps.


US,Italy,Disneyland,Korea,Japan,India, 8 wonders of the world name it!.. Some people are dying to go these places for what they had offered..beautiful scenery,unique buildings, fun..and so much more!

Its nothing wrong to enjoy the trip...taking pictures,buy souvenirs, knowing the history a little bit..what I am trying to stress here is, is there any permanent damage dent this trip/visit or what so ever you call it, leave on your life? Of course it adds another unforgettable moment in your profile but can it helps you to elevate yourself morally?

Well, having asking too much...I have to say..previously when I went to Indonesia for a short trip.. 6days...I enjoy it very much...most probably because I did shopping and shopping really went on..haha...but when I get back home...a week, a month, a year just a story to share...I don't have something that going on inside, that can have impact on me about that trip...but at least I had an idea how Indonesia looks like..the macet...really wows! me. It is just that..I got a chance to see a tiny bit of Indonesia which I know Indonesia had a lot more to exploreeeeee~

Compare with that 6days trip to Indonesia... recently I went back to my husband's hometown,Kedah for 10days...and some other places like Penang and KL too..beside went out for makan and visit museums..I had a chance to mingle around with local people...yeah..that is the word...M.I.N.G.L.E...the best way to learn about local culture,way of mingle with them!...Walk,talk,eat with them or if you can until to the extend sleep with them  at their home.Hehe!

Despite it might little bit fussy for you and tuan rumah,it create some bonding and you had a chance to have closer look on how people lives there..what the do and dont's that gives you ideas on homemade cook or even better, you can peek some new recipes!..Hehe...

Well, do not ever ever judge! Just observe...Take in the positives and set a border line for negatives...that is how we should roll~

I, myself have seen some positive side of other people's life during my visit which I like it very much and I really want to apply when I get back home which I did actually!...I feel so happy and enthusiast while doing it because the result really looks like what I hope for...

Sejuk mata memandang...Sumber: Sini

What is it actually that I have experienced there? Well, to be frank..I am such a lazy,sloppy,messy,quiet person...could not describe better but roughly, that is who I am. So, what I saw was a tidy and clean home or room create cozy feeling..even though it just a little kampung home. People are nice and always try to give their best while they are lack for themselves which really touches my heart..hmm....I cant forget how grateful they were to welcome us as their honored guess and they always want us to feel like home. It really hit me somewhere there in my heart and is time to have opposite attitude for the negatives one that I have. It will not cause any harm.

That is why I am eager to write this entry.. if you bring back souvenirs from your vacation, don't forget to bring back some good value to practice in your life too.

Thank you if you reading this. =)

p/s: Tajuk saja kasi gempak...hehe..



  1. jauh berjalan luas pemandangan..bila lg nak kenal tempat orang kan..hehe
    someday nak pegi tempat yg ade salji.
    cam best jer.

  2. Hehe.. sy klu ikut mmg suka berjalan niesa.. cuma skrg ni dh ada keluarga susah lah nak travel.. klu masa bujang, mmg habis round sdh bumi Semenanjung tu... Oversea? blm mampu bah...haha

  3. Salam neesa!hihi...sama nama plak..niesa kalau dibg peluang mmg nk sgt menjelajah tmpt org..inShaAllah 1 hari nnti...hehe

  4. menjelajah tempat org tu sesuatu yg best..gila kot tak suka travel,yg penting budget tu je..klu ada duit nakpei mana pun boleh..:)

  5. Wahhhh sangat bervission travel tu Neesa...berat tu...nak menggalas tanggungjawab sambil nk enjoy!