Monday, December 3, 2012

Tutorial DIY Pompander/Bunga guna Crepe paper

Tadaaaaa!!MY very 1st DIY.To cut the story short, here are the steps on how to make the Pompander using Crepe paper instead of Tissue paper.I replace it with crepe paper coz its hard to find tissue paper in here(I mean tissue paper that used to make the pompander of course)

Ok, so before we start, here are the things that we need:

Crepe paper(any colour u want-it only cost u 50cent each),Scissor,Rubber band

My assistant~ =)

 Step 1:
Lay the crepe paper

 Step 2:
Fold the crepe paper,divide it into 8 pieces of square.

 Step 3:
Cut it according to the folded size.You will have 8 squares.

Step 4:
Stack up all the squares and fold in and out repeatedly as if u r making paper fan.

 Step 5:
This is the result from step 4 and use rubber band and tie it in the middle of the paper,make sure it divides the paper evenly.

Step 6: 
Cut both end of the paper, make a loop shape.

 Step 7:
Stretch it.

 Step 8:
Pull outward the paper and try make it fluffy as u want.

 The result!

Must try!It is so easy!
U can use it to decorate anything!Wedding dais,party,room!anywhere!
Till then,see u next DIY!


  1. ingat ada durian crepe je .. paper crepe pun ado... hehehe

    1. ni xleh makan...leh tengok ja..haha

  2. my sis buat bunga telur sendiri, macam tu jugak lah..
    'handmade' bunga telur.. :)

    btw, NICE.!

    1. DIY untuk wed memang best!..tahniah utk kak awak.. =)

  3. tangan bedung mase kecik boleh la buat..kl aku dah koyak rabak..hahah..